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Installed at the First Fleet Park in Sydney, Australia, the Kleenex Tissue Tree is an example of Guerilla marketing done right. The tree is wrapped in silk and it gives our Kleenex tissues, environmental issues aside this is a cool idea.


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Hands down, this is the best advert I have seen in ’08. The team that created it understands new media doesn’t do :30 or :59 seconds and if you can weave a compelling story and not be overtly offensive by throwing your brand name every frame, you will create something beautiful.

I know this is from Thailand, would love to know who created it. If you know, please leave the credits in the comments.

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Advertising diamonds is a strange thing – the advertiser doesn’t actually convince the actual buyer, but the ultimate recipient.  I am yet to come across a category like this.

The Zales Love Rocks is one of the best I have seen in its category.

Agency: The Richards Group. Click HERE for full credits.

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I’m kidding.

Usually when agencies get clients with names like National Sea Rescue Institute a light bulb goes on the heads of the creative department. AWARDS. And a chance to do weird shit and call it creative. *here is looking at you Brazilians!*

Surprisingly, Ogilvy Cape Town has gone the other way and created this simple and wonderfully focused campaign. Color me impressed.

5 NSRI Mags.indd

Click and this little girl will grow up.

See the rest of the campaign HERE.

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His Manifesto…

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole
one and prayed for forgiveness. – Emo Philips

Click on the image or HERE.


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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a new project, ArtScope in which their entire collection is presented in a website in a breathtaking manner. It is a neat way to use all the new web tools to present creative work, well…creatively.

Click on the image or click HERE.


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Diesel is celebrating its anniversary across 17 cities around the world. So of course, they have to do something awesome like this. The funny thing is the SFW part, especially in a video where the unseen is far boring and lamer than the seen.

Does anyone know the people behind this? I can’t seem to find the credits.

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