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Oh Australia! Has it really come down to this? While this won’t win any awards, it’s fun to watch and I’m sure it must have been hilarious on the set and the editing room.

What’s next – beaver dolls as Valentine’s day gift?

Of course, my blog readers deserve nothing but all the three TVCs. Enjoy.

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Chalk Shadows

Artist Michael Neff goes around town when the sun is shining and does his thing – he outlines shadows with surprisingly beautiful results.




You can find his entire chalk work HERE. And this is how he does it.


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New York Times has a fascinating story that starts with…

‘A RESEARCHER at Pennsylvania State University, Stephan Schuster, said in the journal Nature last week that he might be able to regenerate a mammoth from ancient DNA for just $10 million.’


Click carefully to make them come alive.

So the Times naturally wondered ‘What other extinct species would be good to have around again’ and the three of them that captured my imagination were The Neanderthal, The Hobbit and Sea Scorpion.

Read the entire article here.

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Going full-speed for the cute factor, Athens-Clarke County, GA takes a creepy turn…



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It’s the season for holiday adverts and so far none has done it better worse than J C Penny. Apparently, inappropriate gift giving is now a privilege only enjoyed by children, women, parents, friends – basically every fringe group except men, 18-49.

Just in the previous post, I was lamenting the inherent sexism in advertising of lore. The turnaround has been complete for the past 20 years or so when grown men act like boobs and is taught life-changing lessons by an all-knowing wife or a girlfriend. Yikes! It’s nauseating.

Cultural streotypes can be a deep-well for branding if the humor works. There really is no formula except that famous Potter Stewart quote ‘I know it when I see it’. He said that about pornography, but it works just as well for advertising.

Like this one…

and maybe, just maybe this one too…

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Sexism in vintage advertising is a source of many blog posts. In fact, ad bloggers around the world would not have anything to say, if not for these gems.

Not surprisingly, the French have managed to confuse the hell out of us again. This advert, loosely translated means, (Updated. Thanks Lindsay!) – ‘I am like fish in water’.  WTF? And the image, once seen, would be tattooed in your head for years to come.

Update #2: This Ad is a fake. Thanks Copyranter.


Click to enlarge. You know you want to.

Go here to find the whole list

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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a new project, ArtScope in which their entire collection is presented in a website in a breathtaking manner. It is a neat way to use all the new web tools to present creative work, well…creatively.

Click on the image or click HERE.


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Image of the moment


Click and something will happen.

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Gender Analyzer is a new web service that is annoying, pointless and useless. The premise is simple and has absolutely no value – you enter your blog or a website and it gives you the gender of its author. How or what goes into the analysis is not explained.

I decided to check two of the blogs from my feed, who’s author’s gender I know for a fact and see if this website at least does the only one thing it promises.

First, Jet Packs


Okay, let’s try another one, Jane Sample

janeisamanThis is even worse…not only Jane maybe a man, she could be a sexless mysterious creature.

This should be a cautionary tale for anyone dabbling in the next big/interesting thing. The absolute golden rule should be this – if you are going to dabble in offering a service, you should at the very least make sure it works.

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