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You Tube has a new feature, well it maybe old but I came across it recently…it’s called lights off. Lights off lets you clear the screen, makes the background dark so you can enjoy the content without any distractions. That’s of course assuming you, like me, drink some brandy and search for Beethoven at You Tube. Here is the screen grab.


It takes an even darker turn in the comments, when it comes to Mozart’s 41st…


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Life has been difficult for WSJ for years now. It was taken over by a mongrel from Down Under, conservatism committed suicide, McCain chose Palin, Tax cuts suddenly stopped being the be-all end-all cure for economic messes and even the words on its mast head ‘Wall Street’ fell down a notch below ‘Crack Whore’ in society. So how does Crack Whore Journal react to the A-Rod steriod scandal….well check out the link address.


The link is STILL ACTIVE

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It’s an year old, but ageless really…


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Not sure if this is real, but this kick ass is awesome. Because Circuit City always sucked. And this is the funniest price war ad I have seen in a while. Via


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Just the thing I needed to be back from a brief holiday and hiatus. NSFW…actually it’s not safe for home either, but whatever. Thank you The Mae Shi, Buzz Feed, Interwebs and The Professional.

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