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Earlier I posted about a simple and beautiful one page / double column website. And now I stumbled up on this website for Massive Cube, an interactive design and development company, that is anything but simple and regardless, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

It seems to be that Massive Cube is probably a new kid on the block as they don’t seem to have much diversity in terms on work. Also their work for clients seems remarkably similar to their own website – a classic rookie thing. And that’s alright. But I would suggest one thing though, if you are going to call yourself an award winning interactive shop, clicking on your portfolio for a website shouldn’t lead one to a jpg file instead.

Anyway, it’s a fun website and I am sure we all could spend some time in it for kicks.

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“A meme can be just about any form of non-genetic information transmitted from person to person: a word, a song, an attitude, a religious belief, a mealtime ritual, an engineering concept.” – Robert Wright, NONZERO – The Logic Of Human Destiny.

Ever since Britain’s World’s angriest atheist invented the idea/phrase meme in 1976 (Yes, it’s been that long!), many people have confused the hell out of me. But it really didn’t have much relevance to advertising till the Internet became home to the hoi polloi.

First amongst meme’s were usually odd stuff, funny photos and jokes that got forwarded endlessly. And some emails with a plea for help. All of which, I am sure, you can’t blame it on ad agencies or their clients. And then things started evolving changing. Lists like THIS can truly show you what it’s all about and also overwhelm you with loads of bullshit.

And that brings me to my main point. Which is, what’s the point of all this?

While adverts have been memes for a very long time, when it comes to Internet meme’s, it has been awful with rare exceptions, here’s looking at you Subservient Chicken and Gorilla Drummer. Every cliché has also been overused when it comes to Internet Online Interactive Viral Digital Web 2.0 Web Plus marketing and advertising and still I get a queasy feeling that we are still on the Interstate and the nearest town is miles away. How many of you are familiar (or even just heard of) with ALL the items on this list? And these are the phenomena.

I also think, memes are quite different from viral advertising. Like Richard Brodie, I consider memes to be building blocks and if brands can be that ‘basic building blocks of our minds and culture’ then we can see some boundaries pushed to a higher plane. This actually happens when it comes to spoofs…for instance:

It’s funny, thoughtful and ironical.

When was the last time we saw an ad signed off by a client that adopts a tone of its consumers? To be fair, it’s easier to throw stones than build a window. There have been instances when big corporations invite consumers to create adverts with some success. That I consider a positive first step, even if it’s a critic or a spoof.

I don’t presume to have any answers to the title questions, except that we do have a long way to go.

A good non advertising meme  is Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle.

Now imagine that being your brand!

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Yeoh Guan Hong’s website, Super*Nature is a beauty to behold. It’s smart, elegant and the user doesn’t have to navigate across 23 pages to understand what the artist is all about. You can do it in just one page.

With all the cliche’s in creating a website having been exploited beyond belief – simplicity and navigational ease might be more important that anything else. And with the ever expanding screen real estate, the possibilities of sticking to one page double/triple frame websites might be worth looking into. Think about it – when you are looking for information, would you rather prefer staying on one split screen or  wander through a zillion pages and keep hitting the back arrow?

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