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Ten countries spend a load of money on recreation. I wish they had defined what exactly they mean by recreation – travel, entertainment or making your neighbor miserable with endless lawsuits?

Five countries seems to value clothes more than anything else. Jerks.

Two countries are stuffing their houses with useless junk. Jerks again.

Brazil, as I expected, is full of smokers and alcoholics. Something had to happen in order to do that many spam ads, right?


Click to make it even bigger, that is, if you like big things.

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New York Times goes passive aggressive on its war on Christmas, featuring armed and dangerous Santa in the land of Sunnis and Shias. I am sure the good-natured Iraqi people showed appreciation for this Humvee riding, torturing killing machine version of Santa.

So yeah, today is Christmas indeed and hence remember the neediest. Be sure to execute them.


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Hello I am a Viral. And I’m an Ad.

Ad: I have big budgets, grand brand strategies, set time duration…

Viral: I have no purpose and nothing to sell, so no one bothers.

Ad: Everyone is concerned about me. Creative director, Account director, Creatives who created me, creatives who took credit for creating me, and not to mention those focus groupies.

Viral: I was created because lil’ Mac has only two things in hand – time and his virginity.



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Must you indulge in scam ads too, Amnesty? Apparently, the German arm of Amnesty International is very concerned about slave trade. So concerned that they did this in an airport, you know, to stop slave owners from picking up their slaves.


Extra points for sending a photographer to document the guy who was documenting this.


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The sweetest thing about having a blog with no purpose is I can post pictures like this. The Duchess sure likes to horse around.


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Hands down, this is the best advert I have seen in ’08. The team that created it understands new media doesn’t do :30 or :59 seconds and if you can weave a compelling story and not be overtly offensive by throwing your brand name every frame, you will create something beautiful.

I know this is from Thailand, would love to know who created it. If you know, please leave the credits in the comments.

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Advertising diamonds is a strange thing – the advertiser doesn’t actually convince the actual buyer, but the ultimate recipient.  I am yet to come across a category like this.

The Zales Love Rocks is one of the best I have seen in its category.

Agency: The Richards Group. Click HERE for full credits.

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While I’d never get tired of PETA’s naked ladies advertising strategy (the best!) and I also would not really warm up too much towards flier distributors – this idea for Red Cross Argentina is very cool indeed.


Click here to see ANOTHER PHOTO. Via.

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Bill Watterson’s take on the world never ceases to amaze me. This is the latest Calvin Snow Art meme at Buzz Feed.

Click on the strip below and it becomes ginormous. There really is no better way to spend 10 minutes.


One of my personal favorite is below:


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Image of the moment


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This billboard won’t make any sense, since, if everyone knows the winning numbers, everyone will buy the same ticket and no one will be absolutely or absolutly happy about it.



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I’m kidding.

Usually when agencies get clients with names like National Sea Rescue Institute a light bulb goes on the heads of the creative department. AWARDS. And a chance to do weird shit and call it creative. *here is looking at you Brazilians!*

Surprisingly, Ogilvy Cape Town has gone the other way and created this simple and wonderfully focused campaign. Color me impressed.

5 NSRI Mags.indd

Click and this little girl will grow up.

See the rest of the campaign HERE.

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Burger King has done some superb stuff with it’s King mascot and the whopper freak-out videos were priceless in terms of marketing excellence. So I was eagerly looking forward to their latest effort, which will be fully released later this week. But the preview of it leaves me just confused.

The premise is this – BK makes a documentary style video of people in different countries trying burgers for the first time and the choice they have is a Big Mac and a BK Whopper.  This is summed up, as BK says in the website Whopper virgins, as ‘If you want a real opinion about a burger, ask someone who doesn’t even have a word for burger.’

Really? What’s this? An anti-expert testimonial? Why does BK expect it’s audience to believe someone who knows next to nothing, not just about your brand but even the entire category? I guess I will hold judgment till the whole thing plays out.

Watch the preview here:

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His Manifesto…

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole
one and prayed for forgiveness. – Emo Philips

Click on the image or HERE.


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