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Diesel is celebrating its anniversary across 17 cities around the world. So of course, they have to do something awesome like this. The funny thing is the SFW part, especially in a video where the unseen is far boring and lamer than the seen.

Does anyone know the people behind this? I can’t seem to find the credits.

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The latest Wii promotion is very good indeed.

Click HERE or the image on the right to watch.

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Second, from time immemorial advertising has supported the newspaper industry and I wonder what will happen in future when it becomes no longer economical to print and distribute copies across the country.

Lastly, my suggestion is that newspapers should stop printing and focus on excellence in reporting and becoming an essential online daily read. And to be fair, for the most part, NYT is already there.  For the discerning audience, they can always dangle an appetizing prospect – print your own newspaper. Imagine a scenario, where I am able to collect articles of my interest in one clean seamless window and print out a 50 or 100 page booklet to be read in leisure. Or I can always Kindle it and keep laughing at the state of print media.

Earlier: Monster insults its audience.

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I am assuming Gyro, Stockholm the agency responsible for this campaign is aware of vagina dentata, otherwise this is going to get hilarious.The ad promises ‘there is more inside’ and one can only deduce that this lady is on her way to extract some gruesome revenge.


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In one afternoon, I happen to come across two distinct banner ads which sparked my curiosity. The idea of long copy banner ads. For decades the conventional wisdom has been that long copy is dead. But as the Internet rolls on into a new version every quarter, will it become the default destination for long copy ads? The concept of having a detailed banner ad is definitely worth considering.

Let’s face it, clients from some sectors like finance, automobiles, telecommunication and technology firms to name a few, do indeed have much to sell explain. And the ads can have a few links to even more information for the curious surfer.

The ones I came across aren’t remarkable, but they seem to qualify as a long copy banner ad.

The above ad which is simply the synopsis from the back of a book reminds me of a time I was overwhelmed at the prospect of writing the body copy, when my creative director came over and said, a good example of body copy can be found every time at the back of any book. That usually is the best part of the book or that one paragraph does an amazing job of explaining what’s on those hundreds of pages without giving the plot away.

This banner ad doesn’t make any sense, other than that it’s has a call for action that can be measured.

My crystal ball magic 8 ball also tells me that some banner ads should give consumers the option to email them to friends. Very often banner ads ends up in the wrong page or contextual advertising goes very wrong. So there is more than a good chance that someone beyond your target group might see it, or simply want to share away your ad with a friend.

Of course, this would only work if one creates an ad worth reading and sharing. And not something like this.

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I love to see a good print especially since it’s so rare these days. Here are two recent ones.

Stumbled across this ad from BBH London, via Stan’s blog.

And for Nissan from TBWA\Chiat\day via I Believe in Advertising.

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Just kidding. But who could resist that sort of headline.

The Large Hardon Collider was activated today at the French-Swiss border.

From NYT

At 4:27 a.m., Eastern time, scientists sent the beam of protons around the collider’s 17-mile-long racetrack, 300 feet underneath the Swiss-French border, and then sent another beam through again.

And this gem…

Eventually, the collider is expected to accelerate protons to energies of 7 trillion electron volts and then smash them together, recreating conditions in the primordial fireball only a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.

Freaking awesome!

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It’s a special place where Neo Andy Murray multiples himself and takes form of his opponent and beats himself in his first career grand slam final.

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Levis has the ultimate message for a brand – if you want to take your pants often, you better wear a Levis.  And this spot, titled ‘secrets and lies’ is charming.

Previously: Levis was using helium to fly people.

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McCains veep, Sarah Palin, has attracted some media attention usually reserved for…well hypocritical social conservatives. Liberal bloggers are having a field day, ofcourse. While Palin’s own pregnancy is under scrutiny, she announced her teenage daughter is preggers too. As I saw this report of Huffington Post, I really wasn’t too interested in this issue, till I saw the advert below the article. If you are against abortion, then maybe these folks can help…

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