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The Czech Republic takes over the EU Presidency and it started it swell. They commissioned the artist David Cerny to make an art piece. Like all artist, he lied about who is doing what and did it all by himself. The result is a hilarious installation at the EU. Enjoy.

German roads make a Swastika


The entire country of Bulgaria is one big dirty toilet.


France is on an eternal strike.


All Polish people are gay.


See the whole collection here.

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7 things about me

Jane tags a prostitute. And The Prostitute tags me. It’s the oldest story in the ad world. So here goes the obligatory seven_fingered_handseven things about me:

1. Growing up, I have had many imaginary friends. None of them was god.

2. I dream of speaking at attending TED.

3. I don’t own or play any video games.

4. I found out essentially what works in advertising, also works in life – if you can’t be truthful then at least be entertaining.

5. I have less tolerance for people who cannot spell or write full sentences. That’s my thanks for the tag Shaun.

6. My weirdest habit – every time I buy a book, I write my name and date of purchase on the first page.

7. I fucking hate sushi.

Okay now comes the part where I have to tag another seven people. And the thing of it is, who ever worth knowing has played it already and so I am going to cop out and saddle these two with an obligatory ‘24.5 things about me’ post. The math works out. Righto chaps?



Pic, Via.

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Irony this beautiful is fit only for a king. As one of the Christmas specials, The Economist applies Darwinism to the world’s pressing issues and draws an outline of how evolutionary analysis should become part of policy making process. If you are one of those who doesn’t like too many hifalutin words, the illustrations are pretty cool too.

Illustrator: Noma Bar.



Even though a new year has started, I have been reading many articles with headlines that begin with “The End of…”, but Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker, doesn’t mess around. He just calls it ‘The End.This Sidney Award winning piece is by far the best explanation I have read about the Wall Street disaster.

Photo Illustration: Ji Lee.


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