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Installed at the First Fleet Park in Sydney, Australia, the Kleenex Tissue Tree is an example of Guerilla marketing done right. The tree is wrapped in silk and it gives our Kleenex tissues, environmental issues aside this is a cool idea.


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This explains so much.

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This Comcast commercial has been out for a while now and to be honest, it’s a sub-par effort. The only thing that stands out is the technique, though I wonder why they didn’t have a compelling story to match it. There have been many ads that have used animation and digital video – very badly – like Charles Schwab and that annoying E-Trade baby. Well, come to think of it all babies are annoying. I digress.

Here is the Comcast advert:

Talk about sitting in advertising ivory tower…who the hell in the world sings about cable, internet and telephone? The blend of animation on digital video with stunning effect was done for the movie Waking Life. Here is the New York Times take on this movie and the technique:

‘Visually, ”Waking Life” is a technological coup: it transforms photographed reality into a sophisticated cartoon world by superimposing brightly hued digital animation on live-action digital video. Mr. Linklater’s stroke of brilliance is his application of this technique to an open-ended fable about perception itself. I can’t imagine a more powerful visual metaphor for the suspension between waking and dreaming evoked by the movie than this surreal merging of photography and animation.’

Here is a cool scene from the movie – wait, go get some magic herbs or a chug down a stiff drink first.

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Hands down, this is the best advert I have seen in ’08. The team that created it understands new media doesn’t do :30 or :59 seconds and if you can weave a compelling story and not be overtly offensive by throwing your brand name every frame, you will create something beautiful.

I know this is from Thailand, would love to know who created it. If you know, please leave the credits in the comments.

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Advertising diamonds is a strange thing – the advertiser doesn’t actually convince the actual buyer, but the ultimate recipient.  I am yet to come across a category like this.

The Zales Love Rocks is one of the best I have seen in its category.

Agency: The Richards Group. Click HERE for full credits.

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While I’d never get tired of PETA’s naked ladies advertising strategy (the best!) and I also would not really warm up too much towards flier distributors – this idea for Red Cross Argentina is very cool indeed.


Click here to see ANOTHER PHOTO. Via.

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Bill Watterson’s take on the world never ceases to amaze me. This is the latest Calvin Snow Art meme at Buzz Feed.

Click on the strip below and it becomes ginormous. There really is no better way to spend 10 minutes.


One of my personal favorite is below:


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