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Irony this beautiful is fit only for a king. As one of the Christmas specials, The Economist applies Darwinism to the world’s pressing issues and draws an outline of how evolutionary analysis should become part of policy making process. If you are one of those who doesn’t like too many hifalutin words, the illustrations are pretty cool too.

Illustrator: Noma Bar.



Even though a new year has started, I have been reading many articles with headlines that begin with “The End of…”, but Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker, doesn’t mess around. He just calls it ‘The End.This Sidney Award winning piece is by far the best explanation I have read about the Wall Street disaster.

Photo Illustration: Ji Lee.


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Hands down, this is the best advert I have seen in ’08. The team that created it understands new media doesn’t do :30 or :59 seconds and if you can weave a compelling story and not be overtly offensive by throwing your brand name every frame, you will create something beautiful.

I know this is from Thailand, would love to know who created it. If you know, please leave the credits in the comments.

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From The Economist – The brave new world of e-hatred.

And an excellent story about anonymous trolls and hackers from the New York Times Magazine – Malwebolence.

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