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The Australian Childhood Foundation has done a “creative” poster. I am assuming it’s from JWT Melbourne. And I’m also assuming this is not fake. Because I do want to live in a world, where the love of awards makes an advertising agency convince a Childhood Foundation to do this to a child.



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Haiti was ravaged by a hurricane last year, that led to much devastation in an already poor country. Patrick Farrell was there to document the tragedy for the world to see. And now he has won a Pulitzer prize. I won’t congratulate him, but I thank him for his efforts.


The lifeless body of 5 year old Tamasha Jean, the daughter of Frantz Samedi, is loaded onto a pickup truck in Cabaret.

Patrick Farrell’s Pulitzer prize-winning selection of photographs.

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This is just delightful…Iranian snipers parading at the annual army day, scaring the shit out of old people while children everywhere were laughing thier assess off.

Be scared…but please don’t throw cigarette butts at these guys.


Tim Dowling: Iranian Sniper or Wookiee? How to tell them apart.

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They have been around a while…I just came across them and they are really very good. A few samples…

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