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How does it feel when you take your new Honda Accord for a drive? It feels like flying, of course. I am glad Honda doesn’t make passenger flights, then it would feel like you just have been shot into space.

By DraftFCB Melbourne. Via

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Helium in Levis

This has been around for a some days now…the latest viral from Levis and so far the best they have done. Who doesn’t want to fly and this is flying really cheap. Enjoy.

Found at Illegal Advertising.

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The Internet gets interesting. Icann has decided to open by domain names beyond the standard .com and .org to everything.

As NYT reports…’New names could cover locations such as “.nyc” and “.berlin” or industries such as “.bank.”

What does this mean for advertising? BBC narrows it down to a simple point…’The decision means that companies could turn brands into web addresses, while individuals could use their names.’

I have a few thoughts on this issue:

1. Will it make the Internet even more chaotic and lead to confusion?

2. Does it give too much power to Icann and make it play the role of a censor?

3. Invariably someone is going to create a domain that is offensive to someone’s religion/beliefs or whatever..how will this be resolved?

4. Will this be the most exciting thing happening to Internet as non-English speakers can create their own sites?

5. How will brands manage this transition? If one can create a xxx.pepsi – what would that xxx be? Will this lead to creative technologies in brand management? Or will it drive up the cost for the major corporations in the world, as they will have no choice but to embrace it to protect their brand.

So many questions and so few answers…

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I started an online project with the wizards at Robots and Empire and found out their previous project. Twistori. Would you like to know what people are loving, hating, thinking, believing, feeling and wishing? Yes I do. Here is the live feed from twitter. Awesome work! And oh…by the way do please leave your favorite twistori in the comments, since I would love to know what my readers tastes are.

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Titled ‘The Unhuggables’ this is a series of shorts for Coco Cola by Santo, Buenos Aires. I think it’s an interesting approach both in terms of creative and media planning.

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DDB Paris has a new tv spot, a two minute ad for Tiji children’s tv station. The spot looks beautiful. Trouble is…

…for an ad that talks about imagination, the script looks too ‘inspired’ by Le Ballon Rouge.

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NYT features a superb article on the dark unknown energy.

Do click on this image to expand…it’s worth a look.

So for those who don’t have time to read a long essay type science article, here are some highlights:

Having been impelled apart by the force of the Big Bang, the galaxies, in defiance of cosmic gravity, are picking up speed on a dash toward eternity.

Although cosmologists have adopted a cute name, dark energy, for whatever is driving this apparently antigravitational behavior on the part of the universe, nobody claims to understand why it is happening, or its implications for the future of the universe and of the life within it, despite thousands of learned papers, scores of conferences and millions of dollars’ worth of telescope time. It has led some cosmologists to the verge of abandoning their fondest dream: a theory that can account for the universe and everything about it in a single breath.

This fall, NASA and the Department of Energy plan to invite proposals for a $600 million satellite mission devoted to dark energy.

Astronomers have developed a smorgasbord of other ways of tracking the effect of dark energy. They have learned how to map the growth of clusters of galaxies, by analyzing how their gravity distorts the light from galaxies far behind them. Gravity makes the clusters grow; dark energy holds them back.

Michael Turner, a University of Chicago cosmologist who coined the term “dark energy,” said you could measure the health of a field by the big questions it takes on, and addressing Dr. Morse of NASA, who was moderating the discussion, as well as his colleagues, he said, “You have a job, to go knock on everyone’s door and say this is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Still Interested? Click here to read in it’s entirety.

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