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As far as symbolism goes, this is huge. The National Debt Clock has been teasing the locals and scaring the tourists for a long time.

And now it’s busted. Congrats, Wall Street!

Related: A bank tries to laugh at the whole crisis.

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Diesel is celebrating its anniversary across 17 cities around the world. So of course, they have to do something awesome like this. The funny thing is the SFW part, especially in a video where the unseen is far boring and lamer than the seen.

Does anyone know the people behind this? I can’t seem to find the credits.

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Second, from time immemorial advertising has supported the newspaper industry and I wonder what will happen in future when it becomes no longer economical to print and distribute copies across the country.

Lastly, my suggestion is that newspapers should stop printing and focus on excellence in reporting and becoming an essential online daily read. And to be fair, for the most part, NYT is already there.  For the discerning audience, they can always dangle an appetizing prospect – print your own newspaper. Imagine a scenario, where I am able to collect articles of my interest in one clean seamless window and print out a 50 or 100 page booklet to be read in leisure. Or I can always Kindle it and keep laughing at the state of print media.

Earlier: Monster insults its audience.

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I am assuming Gyro, Stockholm the agency responsible for this campaign is aware of vagina dentata, otherwise this is going to get hilarious.The ad promises ‘there is more inside’ and one can only deduce that this lady is on her way to extract some gruesome revenge.


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It’s a special place where Neo Andy Murray multiples himself and takes form of his opponent and beats himself in his first career grand slam final.

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We all have seen Bush enjoying the Olympics a bit too much…now it’s in perfect context.

Find the rest here.

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From The Guardian

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You know the US Army adventures in Iran is going to be something extraordinary when you see the media buying pattern of this institution. Heavy.com has this video of a Persian dancer that has been circulating around the websites I usually visit. Look at him…that expression is priceless. Perfect blend of creepiness and sadness that says, ‘I know you won’t ever sleep with me…so I am sorry I have to bomb the hell out of you. And oh, you can thank me for liberating your people later. ‘

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Can you please explain this ad?

Do your customers have a hard time seeing a 4 ft. bottle? And if so, how can they read your headline?

Even though I wasn’t a fan, I could at least understand the earlier Ketel One ads where the campaign had an elitist tone and aimed for the upmarket clientele.  But this one is part of a new campaign that brings down the tone of the brand.

For godsake, how difficult is it to write cool adverts for vodka?


Dear Ketel One Advertiser

Change the agency.

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