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It’s a special place where Neo Andy Murray multiples himself and takes form of his opponent and beats himself in his first career grand slam final.

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Levis has the ultimate message for a brand – if you want to take your pants often, you better wear a Levis.  And this spot, titled ‘secrets and lies’ is charming.

Previously: Levis was using helium to fly people.

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McCains veep, Sarah Palin, has attracted some media attention usually reserved for…well hypocritical social conservatives. Liberal bloggers are having a field day, ofcourse. While Palin’s own pregnancy is under scrutiny, she announced her teenage daughter is preggers too. As I saw this report of Huffington Post, I really wasn’t too interested in this issue, till I saw the advert below the article. If you are against abortion, then maybe these folks can help…

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